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Pick'nTchop is a mobile meal ordering and delivery application for restaurants launched by OSS in 2020 based in Douala, Cameroon. Especially aimed at restaurants, it is in a way the Instagram of restaurateurs.

Are you a restaurateur or an individual wishing to present his culinary masterpieces? Or are you tired of wondering what to eat today? Or what restaurant would you go to? Or do you want to have it delivered to your home, office or anywhere else depending on your location? Then Pick'nTchop is for you ...


  • View the menu (starters, resistances, pastries, desserts & drinks) of the restaurants
  • View the location of a restaurant on the map and the route according to your current position
  • View a restaurant's schedule and also their contacts
  • View the star level of a restaurant (with our legend)
  • Find a restaurant, dish or drink
  • Filter the display of dishes and / or drinks (price, distance, ...)
  • Like, add to favorites, share, report a dish to your contacts
  • View your preferences
  • Define your time zone and language
  • As a restaurateur:
  • Add, modify, delete your restaurant
  • Edit information (information, general, contacts, location, timetables, images)
  • Edit your menu: edit your products (starters, resistances, pastries, desserts & drinks) and establish your calendar per week

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